Pop Quiz on Constitution

Pop Quiz on the Constitution!

Written by Shim’on Ben Avigdor

Pop quiz: you make disparaging remarks about the Communist Party to your colleagues in 1970’s USSR. Do you a) go to the infamous Lubyanka prison and get shot in the back of the head, or b) quietly lose your job. If you answered “a”, no points for you. Let’s continue. Write down in 30 seconds or less as many sentences as you can that while not using any swear words or stating any conspiracy theories will get you immediately fired from your job if said in public. Here are two to get you started. “I am not sure that I like the fact that American Jews, a 2% minority in the general population, constitute nearly half of influential elites and public opinion influencers.” Or how about this: “I am a rather religious person and it is difficult for me to accept that homosexuality is a valid lifestyle choice”. Ok, now you; one point per sentence. Final question for this section: did the USSR have a constitution that guaranteed the freedom of speech to all citizens? Y/N. If you said no, take two points off. It did.

Moving on to the next section. Most if not all peoples and countries have complex histories and judging one’s ancestors by contemporary standards is considered a mark of mental incompetence and intellectual laziness. A common symptom of this attitude is the destruction or removal of statuary and other symbols from the past from the public square. Who is more currently guilty of this behavior (rate worst to best): the US, the Russian Federation, or ISIS. If you were triggered by the mere inclusion of the US or put the US last on the list; no points for you. While one has to give the first place to ISIS for actually blowing up statues of the Buddha and the like, the US with its assault on Confederate statuary and public symbols is right behind. Russia? It is busy rebuilding churches and erecting statues to its often discredited (by intellectual frauds) personages such as tsar Ivan the Terrible and White Army general Petr Wrangel. It is notable to note that even the Bolsheviks did not destroy the famous equestrian statue of Peter the Great in St. Petersburgh. In fact, they took great pains to protect it from Nazi bombardment in WWII. Peter was the embodiment of everything the Bolsheviks hated; the most absolute of all monarchs, he paid no attention to countless lives lost when his “window to the West” was being carved out of the tidal swamps on the Neva river. His statue was and is a part of Russia. But here in the US, poor General Lee has no chance and the ancestral memory of millions is being abused.

Now for the final question: having completed this quiz, do you feel that the Constitution of the United States of America is a) the one guiding document that is adhered to by the powers that be in our country or b) it is as relevant to our lives as the constitution of the USSR was to the Soviet citizens circa 1975? I’ll leave this question to be self-graded on an honor system.

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